I’m selling my house and the Portuguese deal is done…all good news!

I’d love to be saying that I’m selling my house and moving to Portugal, but unfortunately it’s not that exciting.

But I have got agreement on the draft contracts I sent to the Portuguese company representative. He has sent it back with two small amendments, and I have now sent it off to the Portuguese translation service to have it properly worded into Portuguese, and then I will send draft contracts in both Portuguese and English for signing.

So that should be it, and thanks to the Portuguese translator things should be sewn up very tightly and delivered quicker than they perhaps should be. I think my boss can be really proud and it’s going to stand me in good stead for getting better deals to do for the company in the future.

But I am really excited about the prospect of moving house, and even though I’m thinking I should take it slowly, I think I’ve been bitten by the bug and I think it’s going to have to start moving now. I have the money sitting in the bank doing nothing, I earn a good wage, and there is actually no reason why I can’t upgrade.

But I think I am going to do a bit of decorating of my flat first. I know it doesn’t make much difference, but I think some cleaning up of the painting, and some touching up here and there and some decluttering could really help me to clinch a sale much quicker. I’m actually also toying with the idea of maybe renting my flat out and buying, but I think that will depend on whether I can get a mortgage for that rent.

So there’s lots for me to think about and it’s a very exciting time me. And hopefully I’ll be ready to move onto the next stage of my life. It’s tough going through this life nowadays, there is so much choice and you are under pressure to work, have children, get married, be happy, do everything, and you have about a 10 year period to do it in otherwise you can be in trouble, especially on the children front.

Anyway, that’s for another day what’s important is that I’ve made money and that I think my life is on the change.

I have been to look at a few houses in my area

After my last blog post, I made a couple of appointments to look at some houses near to me. I’m not really serious about buying a new house right now, but I wanted to get an idea of what I could afford and also just to get an idea of how the process would work.

Both of the houses were really nice, they were only small two-bedroom houses with small gardens, but compared what I’m living in now they were a significant step up for not a huge amount more money. It was certainly an experience that really made me stop and think, and one that made me even more determined to go ahead with this.

I definitely want to take a step forward in my life while I can, and I think doing this on my own will be good because it will put me in a stronger position if I do meet somebody who could be a prospective father of a child, I would want to have a strong negotiating position in my own mind, rather than me being reliant on them in some way, which would make me feel trapped.

Professionally, things are also going well at the moment. I have now had the draft contract translated into Portuguese. I sent it to the Portuguese translation service I’m using and they sent it back within two days, and it’s now being sent to the company we are dealing with.

I’m really pleased I use a Portuguese translator and I’m really pleased that we’ve got to discussing a draft contract. That means that in the next week or so I’m hoping we can tie this deal up and then I can take on another one. I could do with getting regular commission coming in on top of my basic salary every single month, and a deal the size this Portuguese one each month would certainly double my earnings over a year. So that’s really something that I am pleased about and looking forward to.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight, I have to get on with a few things before bed and I’m actually thinking about the reality of selling my place, and if I need to do anything to its to get more money, I think I might get a valuation done.

More progress on my Portuguese deal plus I’m going to move house

today has been another satisfactory day in my negotiations with a Portuguese company to do a deal with them.

Things have been slow because I am having to use a Portuguese translation service to make sure that we are getting our points across to them, and getting that Portuguese text translated back to English, which has been a bit time-consuming.

But the benefits of using a Portuguese translator are beginning to pay dividends I feel. We are progressing more rapidly than I think we would have done had things been less specific and I think that we could be wrapping up a deal pretty soon. Then I have to get the translation service to put the draft contract into Portuguese and we will go from there.

On the personal front I’m thinking about moving house. I want to have a child one day but I’m just in a small apartment, and there was no growth in that at the moment. But I do have money in the bank and I’m thinking that if I take a step up to a small house, that there will be equity growth in that, plus if I meet someone it gives them the option to move in with me if I’d sight of a child. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m just fixating on the job, it would have to be the right relationship for me.

So I’m a bit excited and I’m now looking at mortgages and I’m also looking at what the prices are in terms of what I can get in terms of houses in my area. I know the housing market is tough but I do have the benefit of a well-paid job and a lump sum of 30 K to use as well.

Which means it’s been a good day today, and I’m hoping to make more progress in the Portuguese deal, maybe even wrapping up by the end of the week. Obviously contracts will still have be sorted out and translated, but I’m hoping that we can get to the point of a deal almost been done by the end of the week.

A wasted evening in the park with a lost dog

I had a long day at work today, and it wasn’t until nearly 7 o’clock I got home. The traffic was bad as well which didn’t help.

This Portuguese deal is taking a lot of time. What’s holding it up is the fact that I’m having to use a Portuguese translation service to translate all the emails I send from English to Portuguese, and all the emails I receive from Portuguese into English.

Using a professional Portuguese translator has slowed things down, it’s also meant I have to be very careful with my wording. So emails can’t have nuances in them, which means I’m having to spend a lots of time constructing emails that are completely watertight, making sure that I convey the key points to translator so that they can be got across to the person I am negotiating with.

But there is no doubt about it, using a Portuguese translation service is really helping to smooth things along and give me confidence I am doing the right thing.

Anyway, I took my dog for a walk in the park tonight and she ran off, straight into the woods next to the park and didn’t come out. I think she chased something in there and then got lost. I spent an hour in the gathering darkness standing there waiting for her.

Just as it was getting dark and I was getting worried about what I was going to do, she suddenly appeared next to me from a different direction. I think she’d gone right through the woods, circled round the park and eventually found her way back in through the main entrance. I was very worried, but at least she was safe.

So by the time I got home most of the evening was gone and it was really time to wind down. I had some food, and writing this blog post and then I’m going to head off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day sorting out the Portuguese deal, plus another deal I’m working on, and hopefully it won’t be any lost dogs tomorrow.

My first foreign deal looks like a Portuguese one

I wasn’t expecting this but the first deal I’m really looking to sew up for my company is to negotiate with a Portuguese company. I was expecting it to be an English-language company and a basic deal, but I’ve been given the job of negotiating with this Portuguese company in what could be quite a protracted set of negotiations.

I’m quite nervous about this because apart from being a new job and me having lots of other things going round in my head, I’m not particularly experienced in this, and I have virtually no knowledge of Portugal, its culture or its language. So I’m really going to have to do some reading about this.

I’m also concerned as to how going to negotiate when there is a language barrier. I’ve spoken to their representative on the phone and although he can speak very basic English, I’m not sure there is enough there for us to negotiate a contract.

So what I’ve decided to do, and I’ve told him, is we will communicate through email mostly. When it comes to the details we will communicate through email, rather than over the phone. What I’m going to do is use a Portuguese translation service to translate emails to Portuguese, and then from Portuguese to English, so that I get an accurate translation.

There are lots of sites out there I have found who can translate portugese, like for example, translateshark.com, where you upload your text and they get a translator to put it into the language you want, which includes a non-literal translation, which is great.

So what I’m going to do is use the Portuguese translator through this service to change my emails into Portuguese, send them, and then get the replies translated into English from Portuguese. That way I will get a full picture and so will my Portuguese representative, which will allow us to both feel confident in what is going on.

I’m pretty pleased I thought of doing this, and I do wonder if I’m being tested a bit by my boss. To give me a Portuguese deal to negotiate was a bit odd, considering my experience and lack of Portuguese language skills, so I’m wondering if it’s a test to see if I can think outside the box and how far I can get without having to ask for help. Time will tell on that, but I’m determined to do it myself now I’ve worked out a strategy that me and the person I will be negotiating with have both agreed could work.

Welcome to my new home online

I used to have a blog before but I forgot where it was kept. I’ve lost all the login details and I can’t even remember which blogging site it was on, so I have no idea how to get it back.

Anyway, I decided to start a new blog because I’m entering a new chapter my life. I just started a great new job as a negotiator in my company and I’m very excited about doing deals and making commission on them.

Is going to be interesting because it seems quite a few of them will have to be with foreign individuals and companies, something I have never done and I don’t have the language skills for, but apparently there are ways we can deal with that which I will talk about that soon.

But generally the reason for starting this blog is that I want a little quiet outlet online, little anonymous place to talk about the things in my life that are bubbling around in my head I can’t really share with anyone else. I don’t want to burden my friends and family with all the things that are worrying me, and I don’t want them just swirling round in my mind, so this seems the obvious thing to do.

I used to keep the diary when I was little and I used to enjoy the fact that I used to be able to have somewhere to get my thoughts out at the end of each day, it allowed me to rest easy and I usually slept to very well after I’d done a diary entry, so I’m hoping that the same thing will happen when I blog.

I have a little girl, a product of my marriage to my now ex-husband. We just didn’t really get on and to be honest she was the only good thing come out of the seven years we were together, she is now five and she’s wonderful and a good little girl at the moment. I hope she stays good little girl that she is the centre of my universe.

I really want to work hard so that I can provide the best possible life for her and myself, so that we are protected against some of the problems that people have in life.