Welcome to my new home online

I used to have a blog before but I forgot where it was kept. I’ve lost all the login details and I can’t even remember which blogging site it was on, so I have no idea how to get it back.

Anyway, I decided to start a new blog because I’m entering a new chapter my life. I just started a great new job as a negotiator in my company and I’m very excited about doing deals and making commission on them.

Is going to be interesting because it seems quite a few of them will have to be with foreign individuals and companies, something I have never done and I don’t have the language skills for, but apparently there are ways we can deal with that which I will talk about that soon.

But generally the reason for starting this blog is that I want a little quiet outlet online, little anonymous place to talk about the things in my life that are bubbling around in my head I can’t really share with anyone else. I don’t want to burden my friends and family with all the things that are worrying me, and I don’t want them just swirling round in my mind, so this seems the obvious thing to do.

I used to keep the diary when I was little and I used to enjoy the fact that I used to be able to have somewhere to get my thoughts out at the end of each day, it allowed me to rest easy and I usually slept to very well after I’d done a diary entry, so I’m hoping that the same thing will happen when I blog.

I have a little girl, a product of my marriage to my now ex-husband. We just didn’t really get on and to be honest she was the only good thing come out of the seven years we were together, she is now five and she’s wonderful and a good little girl at the moment. I hope she stays good little girl that she is the centre of my universe.

I really want to work hard so that I can provide the best possible life for her and myself, so that we are protected against some of the problems that people have in life.