I have been to look at a few houses in my area

After my last blog post, I made a couple of appointments to look at some houses near to me. I’m not really serious about buying a new house right now, but I wanted to get an idea of what I could afford and also just to get an idea of how the process would work.

Both of the houses were really nice, they were only small two-bedroom houses with small gardens, but compared what I’m living in now they were a significant step up for not a huge amount more money. It was certainly an experience that really made me stop and think, and one that made me even more determined to go ahead with this.

I definitely want to take a step forward in my life while I can, and I think doing this on my own will be good because it will put me in a stronger position if I do meet somebody who could be a prospective father of a child, I would want to have a strong negotiating position in my own mind, rather than me being reliant on them in some way, which would make me feel trapped.

Professionally, things are also going well at the moment. I have now had the draft contract translated into Portuguese. I sent it to the Portuguese translation service I’m using and they sent it back within two days, and it’s now being sent to the company we are dealing with.

I’m really pleased I use a Portuguese translator and I’m really pleased that we’ve got to discussing a draft contract. That means that in the next week or so I’m hoping we can tie this deal up and then I can take on another one. I could do with getting regular commission coming in on top of my basic salary every single month, and a deal the size this Portuguese one each month would certainly double my earnings over a year. So that’s really something that I am pleased about and looking forward to.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight, I have to get on with a few things before bed and I’m actually thinking about the reality of selling my place, and if I need to do anything to its to get more money, I think I might get a valuation done.